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Plug into Adventure was the first game in the Chibi-Robo franchise, released in the year of our lord 2005. It was originally planned to be published by Bandai, but recieved the axe. Eventually, Skip, the company responsible for developing Chibi-Robo, struck a deal with Nintendo. They would then be responsible for the publishing of the game.

The game pits you, Chibi-Robo, against grime, dirt, and animate spider toys. Yeah, you can expect this sort of craziness going forward. Even if it sounds absolutely unhinged, it's an adorable video game and I really think everyone should give it a shot.

A few years later, Plug into Adventure would make an appearance on the Wii as a "New Play Control" title. (Wow, what wonderful grammar, thanks translator!) Unfortunately, there's no real affordable way to acquire it anymore: the Wii version only released in Japan, and the original is WAY overpriced! (thanks asshat eBay sellers! Seriously, I want to break your kneecaps.)